Resist Psychic Death STICKER- 100% OF PROFIT DONATED

Resist Psychic Death STICKER- 100% OF PROFIT DONATED

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Measures 2.5 x 2.5 inches on glossy coated vinyl.

100% of profit donated directly into the hands of trans folx in need of funds and//or trans led organizations. 


I first encountered the concept of psychic death when researching AIDS activism in the 1980s-1990s:

"From our own experience, we have found it important to conceptualize the intrapsychic world of the individual in terms of an insidious traumatizing process that threatens to endanger psychic life in a way that is isolating, immobilizing, and akin to a kind of psychic death." (Source: Working with HIV/AIDS Sufferers: "When Good Enough Is Not Enough")

Similarly, past & current political legislation is harmful both mentally and physically to trans folx + other countless minorities. It continues to invalidate identities and create dangerous legislation that revokes protections for those in need of them most. 


You can donate directly to some organizations here:

*Feel free to message me with more organizations and I will add them to this list*