Hallowed Cathedral Necklace

Part of the Mystic Armor :: Fatale Collection. 

** PLEASE NOTE: All Mystic Armor pieces are hand crafted

in sterling silver and require 4-8 weeks for production & shipment. **

Inspired by gothic architecture, The Hallowed Cathedral necklace takes inspiration from the ancient cathedrals scattered throughout Scotland. The triple goddess symbol has been integrated into the design to alter and skew the typical & dogmatic perceptions of a "house of worship" to a more magickal point of view (inspired by lunar worship). The pentacle in the center acts in a protective manner. The size and shape of this piece are also inspired by the act of shielding and protecting oneself. 

- Piece measures roughly 3.5 inches from top loop to bottom point and roughly 1 inch wide and is cast in sterling silver. 

- You may choose between an 18 inch and 24 inch sterling silver chain. 

(Please note: Due to the handmade quality, each piece may contain very slight and subtle variations)