Mystery Altar Cloth
Hand holding a crystal ball displaying a black altar cloth with a pentagram, sigil and occult markings and a velvet grimoire spellbook.

Mystery Altar Cloth

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Mystery Altar Cloth ☾

Perfect for your altar (at home or in transit), these cloths are handprinted and vary in color, size, design, and ink color. Many are one of a kind, one offs or test prints, or may contain slight design defects (ink bleeds or smudges, slightly off printed center, etc), and therefore are unique. Some are truly beautiful and have never been offered for sale previously. 

These cloths serve as a great template for ritual work or tarot readings...Use them however they best fit your spiritual practice, altar, or home. 

This listing is for a randomly selected mystery altar cloth which will vary in style. Because of the nature of this product, all items are considered final sale and are sold at a discounted rate.