About the brand / artist:


Nyxturna is run and operated by Fay Nowitz (she/her), a Chicago based interdisciplinary artist, photographer and designer. Her work focuses on the intersection of magick, witchcraft, ritual, queer identity and historic elements. With a background in photography and metalworking her pieces often take the form of wearable armor, handmade talismans, occult inspired imagery and collage with a sapphic lens. She’s been a practicing photographer for 17+ years and often combines photography with the physical manifestations of her pieces, creating multi faceted work.   

She holds a Bachelor in Fine Arts degree from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and also has studied Silversmithing at the Glasgow School of Art in Glasgow,  Scotland. Nyxturna has been featured in publications such as Elle Magazine France, Nylon Magazine, Refinery29, Dazed Magazine, & the Guardian (among others).


Nyxturna is a proud queer woman owned business ♥


Press + Customs:

Available for commissioned and custom work/projects, photography services, and press/publication inquiries - get in touch here!


Are you a shop wanting to carry Nyxturna products in your store? For wholesale inquiries please email nyxturna@gmail.com or contact here



Sustainability & an eco - conscious mindset:


Each sale plants trees & funds climate projects such as renewable energy, forest conservation, and clean water. 1 tree is planted with every order placed ♥ Planting trees helps absorb CO2 in the atmosphere, stabilizes soil & can reduce the effect of erosion, increases air quality, and help support wildlife. It's a positive step towards a better climate. 

To learn more about the trees planted & to plant your own trees click here!  




An effort is made to use the most recycled, compostable, and biodegradable packaging possible when shipping + packing orders! Additionally, packing materials are often reused as much as possible to prevent extra waste. The packaging your order comes in is *almost entirely compostable, biodegradable or recyclable. Most of the packaging is printed with soy based or water based ink, and is made with sustainably sourced, recycled, FSC certified, & plant based materials. This creates less waste & prevents non friendly chemicals being left behind on our lovely planet. Plus, you can always reuse + recycle it too! 

The white padded mailers are commercially compostable. The outer layer is made from white, FSC recycled paper and the padded interior is commercially compostable ‘bubbles’. They carry the AS 4736 certification for Industrial Compostability. This is because the bubbles are made up of 3 layers of film and while the individual layers are thin enough to break down in a home compost, when combined, they do not have that certification. However, this is still an improvement to regular plastic which can take up to 450 years to break down! 

The rigid mailers (for prints) are made with 90% post-consumer content, are fully recyclable & naturally biodegradable. 

The tissue paper which may come with your order is made from FSC certified acid free paper and printed with soy based inks. This means that the paper is sourced from a forest and supply chain that is managed responsibly and sustainably. The acid free paper ensures it won't leave behind any unfriendly chemicals when decomposing. The soy based inks are a renewable resource and have the added benefit of not leaving behind petroleum based products when decomposing. Soy inks also have low levels of VOCs, reducing air pollution during the drying process.

Some of the paper stickers used with the tissue paper are made the same eco-friendly way!

Currently Nyxturna is in the process of transitioning to solely biodegradable packing tape. The packing tape is made with plant-derived cellulose backing and renewable and biodegradable natural rubber adhesive. 


*unfortunately, a very small % of packaging (like plastic protective sleeves for fine art prints or some priority mail packaging) are not eco friendly. The sleeves for prints protect the print from scratches and damages, and a more eco friendly option is currently being searched for as a replacement. 



 Donations + Community Support:


At checkout you can find a rotating list of orgs which we collect donations for! You can add a donation at checkout to the org listed, if you would like to. 100% of donations at checkout go to the org or fundraiser listed ♥ People should also be encouraged to donate directly as well! Click here for a growing list of amazing orgs which support queer, trans, POC, indigenous, and black causes + communities 

♥ The list is always growing, and the goal is to make it a resource for folks. Have an org or community fundraiser you'd love to have added to the list? Please reach out!